Don't leave your friends behind.
Invite your friends, customers and business partners to start the digital journey with us.

Be a GoDigital Hero and get rewarded!

Be credited in our Hall of Fame

Commission in cash

Discount coupons

… and so much more!

How does it work?

Tentang Kami

Then, simply Hubungi Kami via any methods below to introduce your friends or have them quote your name when they sign up with us.

+6011 53529492


They make a qualifying purchase on any one (or more!) of our core services:


You enjoy these awesome perks!

Receive in cash 15% of the professional fee they paid to us

15% off when you register a company or switch to us next time

This is not transferable to any other party nor convertible to cash.

GoDigital Hero credit in our Hall of Fame.

Your friend gets something too:

RM60 rebate on professional fees

It'll be in the form of one month secretary retainer fee, deducted in the next invoice.

Not forgetting our Earth:

Join us in going green!

You and your friends are also helping to save the environment and doing good for the business community.

Do something good with us here.

Everybody wins something!

How much
can you earn?

With our Refer-a-Friend Program, you can earn 15%, in cash, on our professional fee for every client who incorporates a new company / LLP or switches to us.

You’ll be paid 2 months after the successful incorporation or switch to us. After we have received your request to withdraw the balance, we will pay you through Interbank Transfer or Paypal.

Examples of calculation

New Sdn Bhd Incorporation
| Separate Package |

15% of

RM 888 (professional fee)

+ RM 720
(annual secretary fee)

You get : RM 241.20

New Sdn Bhd Incorporation
| Full Package |

15% of

RM 1,278

(professional fee - SSM fee)​

You get : RM 191.70

New LLP registration

15% of

RM 888 (professional fee)

You get : RM 133.20

Switch To Us

15% of

RM 720

You get : RM 108

* These are only for illustration purposes.
Our professional fees may vary depending on our seasonal Promosi from time to time.

Terms and conditions

We like to keep these short, for your sanity and ours.

  1. 15% referral commission is not applicable for company or partnership where you are also the shareholder, director or a partner.
  2. 15% off your next order is a one-time offer only and applies to our professional fees in performing incorporation of a new company / LLP or company secretary.
  3. The Go Digital Hero Hall of Fame is our little appreciation for Heroes who champion our GoDigital cause where we list all our Heroes and link to their business website/social media page.

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