Company Secretary


  • RM60/mth  x 12 months (payment for 1 year)


Pay one yearly fee and get unlimited access to the following routine services under our company secretarial services:

  • Acting as a named company secretary by our qualified professional
  • Provision of registered address
  • Maintenance of corporate records (share certificates, registers and minutes book)
  • Safekeeping of company common seal and share certificates, if any securely
  • Advice on secretarial, statutory, compliance, accounting and tax matters
  • Monitoring of filing deadlines
  • Regular company law compliance updates and alerts through email
  • No lock in period – advance fee will be refunded pro-rated if terminate before expiry
  • Unlimited file storage on our secure portal
  • E-signature for signing company documents
  • Preparing standard resolutions:
    • open/close a bank account
    • appointment/resignation of directors/company secretary/auditor
    • change of bank authorised signatory
    • change of business address
    • change of address of accounting records keeping
    • change of nature of business activities
    • update of director’s particulars
    • change of secretary and registered office
    • change of date of financial year-end